Charcoal Grilled Steaks

Rib Eye (600 grs)

Rib Eye (400 grs)

Skirt steak (600 grs)

Skirt steak (400 grs)

Flank steak (600 grs)

Flank steak (400 grs)

Beef medallions (400 grs)

Grilled chicken breast (300 grs) Natural, or with chimichurri or lemon sauce

Grilled salmon (300 grs)

Vegetarian barbecue (400 grs)

Cold Appetizers

Beef filet tartar crostini
With horseradish mayo on top of a crostini

Tuna tartar
Blue fin tuna, ponzu, ginger

Shrimp aguachile
Red, Green or Black sauce, to your choice

Aguachile trio
Red, Green and Black sauce.

Villa Marina cold sampler platter
Oyster (6 pieces), sea snail, srhimp, octopus, fish ceviche & shrimp ceviche

Sesame seed seared tuna
With garlic, curry oil, soy vinagrette, serrano pepper & onion.

Natural Octopus

Sea scallops

Natural shrimp

Natural oyster dozen

Natural oyster half – dozen

Villa Marina style oysters
Dozen oysters with shrimp and green aguachile


Fish tostada

Shrimp tostada

Chipotle tuna tostada
jicama, chipotle mayo, avocado

Campechana tostada
With mixed seafood

Special Villa Marina tostada
With guacamole, sea scallops. green aguachile

Ceviches & Seafood cocktails

Fish ceviche

Shrimp ceviche

Pesto tuna ceviche
Yellow fin tuna, creamy pesto, ponzu

Mexican ceviche octopus
Chickpea & avocado puree

Special shrimp ceviche
Toasted chile de árbol, cucumber, onion

Special fish ceviche
Toasted chile de árbol, cucumber, onion

Ensenada style ceviche
Sea scallops, octopus, shrimp, toasted chile de árbol

Shrimp cocktail

Octopus cocktail

Campechano cocktail

Hot Appetizers

Grilled octopus
Crunchy octopus, marinated in ous special sauce and a salad with balsamic vinager

Oven roastes octopus
With our house adobo

Tuna carnitas
With avocado and roasted bell peppers

Argentinian chorizo
With creole sauce

Chistorra caserole
With potato gratin, Argentine sausage and chimichurri

Provolone cheese
Slightly melted with olive oil and salad

Fried beef instestine, guacamole. pickled peppers

Steamed clams with tomato sauce
With capers and parmesan

Beef sliders
With arugula, mozarrella and french fries

Sauteed octopus
With smoked tuna, shrimp, house made soy sauce and chile de árbol

Salmon crackling
With creamy pesto, avocado, spicy lime – chilli sauce

Fish crackling
With rice, salad and tartar sauce

Bufadora caserole
Shrimp with chipotle sauce, mushrooms, chile slices


Soft shell crab taco
With habanero mayo

Gobernador taco

Marlin taco

Talla taco
Fish with a chile adobo

Spicy shrimp taco

Shrimp crackling taco
Refried beans, breaded shrimp with pork cracklings, pico de gallo with avocado

Ensenada shrimp taco
Tempura shrimps, with cream and green cabbage

Ensenada fish taco
Tempura fish, with cream and green cabbage

Soups & creams

Seafood soup

7 seas soup

Leche de Tigre

Clam chowder

Roasted tomato soup


Shrimp fettuccine
With Alfredo or chipotle or culichi sauce

Shrimp chicken
With Alfredo or chipotle or culichi sauce

Salmon fettuccini
With creamy lemon sauce


Ensalada Cesar
Crujiente corazón de lechuga romana, croutones, parmesano y aderezo de la casa

Spinach, mixed lettuce, cucumber, tomato, onion, black olives, peppers, feta cheese and vinaigrette

Mixed greens, pears, caramelized walnuts, blueberries, blue cheese and house dressing

Ball fresh lettuce leaves, slicedtomato, onion,
vinegar, salt and pepper

Tomato, onion and avocado
Cherry sliced tomato, onion and avocado, vinegar, salt and pepper

Tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil, olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Traditional dishes

Gulf shrimp (6 pieces)
On garlic sauce, garlic butter sauce or grilled

Breaded shrimp (5 pieces)

Fish fillet
Breaded or on garlic sauce, or steamed

Fried fish (600 gr)

Puerto Nuevo style or Thermidor or on garlic sauce

Specialty dishes

Fish fillet with clams
On creamy lemon sauce

Elvira fish fillet
With adobo, filled with seafood and olives

Fish fillet on three sauces
Filled with minced seafood (machaca) covered in culichi sauce, cheese sauce, and creamy chipotle sauce

Shrimps in the shell
Filled with banana, bacon and tamarind sauce

Culichi shrimps
Creamy green “Poblano” chile sauce

Zarandeado grilled shrimps

Deviled shrimps

Grilled fish loins

Grilled fish loin

Sea bass loin

Red snapper loin

Topolobampo style loin
In house adobo and with deviled shrimps

Special Villa Marina loin
Mayo, Mexican sauce and grilled shrimps

Sea bass loin “Tarraya”
On tomato sauce with shrimps

Grilled whole fish

Red snapper (1 kg)

Sea bass (1 kg)

Salf crusted Corvina (1 kg)

Kids menu

Fish nuggets

Shrimp nuggets

Chicken nuggets

Pita and Peperoni pizza

Hawaiian pizzeta




Natural flavored waters

Ice tea


Natural water bottle

Sparkling water bottle

Pellegrino water LT

Perrier sparkling water


National beers
Tecate, Tecate light, Indio, Sol

Premium beers
XX lager, XX Ambar, Bohemia, Bohemia Oscura

Imported beers
Heineken ( $52) Affligem ($59) Amstel ($51) Coors Light ($49)

Draft beer 650 ml

Prepared clamato without alcohol 650 ml

Clamato with beer 650 ml

Marinero clamato 650 ml

Marinero clamato without alcohol 650 ml

Michelado glass Regular

Michelado glass Cuban

Michelado Clamato glass

Craft beers

Lagunitas IPA

Lagunitas Little sumpin’ Ale

Aguamala Sirena (Pilsner)

Aguamala Mantarraya (Oatmeal stout)

Aguamala Astillero ( Imperial IPA)

Aguamala Marea Roja (Red IPA)

Prepared drinks

House sangria

Piña Colada

Strawberry, Tamarind

Margarita Cadillac

Strawberry, Mango, Tamarind, cucumber, Cosmopolitan

Classic, Strawberry


Mezcal, Lemon, Jamaica, Basil, pineapple

Carnival ( Gin & Tonic)
Beefeater Gin, Pineapple, Kiwi, Cardamom

Whisky a la Parrilla
Whisky Ballantines Finest, Grilled Pineapple, Lemon, Gengibre

Pink Mojito
Con jarabe de frambuesa hecho en casa


Con jugo de limón verde, Miel de agave, pepino y albahacar

Piña Miel
Con jugo de piña, jengibrem Miel y cardamomo

Our coffee bar

American / Decaffeinated


Hot tea

Espresso (118 ml)

Double espresso ( 237 ml)

Espresso Cortado ( 118 ml )


Wine Menu

By the glass

Red Wines

EMEVE – Armonia de Tintos / Mezcla de tintos

Corona del Valle – Mezcla de Tintos

Casa Magoni – Sangiovese

Baron Balche – Mezcla de Tintos

L.A. Cetto – Cabernet sauvignon

White wines

EMEVE – Chardonnay

L.A. Cetto – Chardonnay

L.A. Cetto – Blanc de blanc

L.A. Cetto – Chenin blanc


L. A Cetto – Blanc de Zinfandel

Baron Balche – Siis Clarette

By the bottle

White wines

Monte Xanic – Viña Kristel

Monte Xanic – Chardonnay

Monte Xanic – Chenin Colombard

Emeve – Chardonnay

Corona del Valle – Chardonnay

L.A. Cetto – Blanc de Blanc

L.A. Cetto – Chenin Blanc


L.A. Cetto – Blanc de Zinfandel

Baron Balche – Siis Clarette


L.A. Cetto – Chambrule

Moet & Chando n – Champ brut

Red Wines from the region

Emeve – Armonía de tintos

Corona del Valle – Mezcla de Tintos

Corona del Valle- Tempranillo Nebbiolo

Corona del Valle – Malbec

Corona del Valle – Merlot

Santo Tomas – Cabernet Sauvignon

Santo Tomas – Tempranillo

Santo Tomas – Tempranillo – Cabermet

Santo Tomas – Unico / Cabernet – Merlot

Baron Balche – Mezcla de Tintos

Casa Magoni – Sangiovese – Cabernet

Casa Magoni – Nebbiolo

Monte Xanic – Gran Ricardo / Cabernet Sauvignon – Merlot- Petit Verdot

Monte Xanic- Calixa / Cabernet – Syrah

Tramonte Roganto – Tempranillo – Cabernet

Casa Baloyan – Tres Tintos

Bodegas F. Rubio – Malbec

L.A. Cetto – Nebbiolo

L.A. Cetto – Cabernet Sauvignon

Argentinean Wines

Trapiche – Malbec

Finca la Linda – Malbec

Luigi Bosca – Malbec